7 Minutes in Heaven
7 Minutes in Heaven voltron: legendary defender stories

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Voltron (Klance) story. Lance and Keith make an emergency escape into a closet.

7 Minutes in Heaven

Since it's Coran's birthday today, everyone else on the ship decided to throw him a surprise birthday party.

Everything's already been set up in the hall, and it's my job to deliver the cake there.

Yet somehow, I got stuck with Keith following me every step of the way.

"Careful you don't shake it up in the box, it'll ruin the frosting."

"I'm being careful! Why are you even following me in the first place."

"Well, since I was actually prudent, I finished all my work early. Not that I can say the same for you."

"Hey, I got the cake, okay? So what if I'm just a little late..."

While we were bickering, footsteps appeared down the hall.

Accompanying them was Coran, happily humming to himself.

"It's Coran! Quick, hide!"

Before I could comment, Keith shoved the two of us into a nearby utility closet.

It was a tight closet, forcing us right against each other.

"Try to make some room, or you'll end up damaging the cake."

"I would if I could! You're shoving me right against the wall!"

While we were bickering, Coran took his sweet time heading down the wall.

"Hmm, I wonder how old I am today, anyway? Taking the ten thousand year stasis into account..."

Both of us went silent and motionless as we waited for him to pass.

Keith being in here wasn't making it easy, though. The heat and tense situation made our bodies start sweating.

"... Oh! That's about 127 years less than I thought it was! Why, I'm practically a child!"

I heard footsteps turn a corner and breathed a sigh of relief.

But it seemed like I celebrated a moment too soon.

Out of nowhere, the closet door swung open.

"AHA! I knew I heard someone..."

Coran was met with the sight of the two of us shoved against each other, sweaty and flustered.

I could instantly tell that he was getting the wrong idea about why we were in here. I felt like his gaze was about to kill me, and Keith didn't look so composed, either.

"Oh... Sorry to interrupt, your, err..."

He just ran off without another word, not giving us a chance to explain the situation.

"Well, at least the cake is safe."


As I tried to leave the closet, I accidentally smashed the box against Keith.

"... Nice one."

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