"Whats your name?" Episode 2
"Whats your name?" Episode 2 stories

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John and Mia share a sentimental moment at a nostalgic cafe.

"Whats your name?" Episode 2

Mia Lovell, she was always a star in high school. She was always active, for she was on the school softball team.

I often went out to watch her games, in awe. She always looked so amazing out there on the field. She'd always come up to me after her game and ask, "How'd I look?"

Id always reply the same way, "Amazing." She'd smile at me back, and run off with her classmates.

But that was years ago, now I'm here, in her apartment. And she's looking at me with a dazed expression, slightly blushing, for I had just said a slightly flirtatious remmark.

"Oh come on. You know how I talk." I said to her. She then widened her eyes and looked embarrased.

"Uhh... Yeah! I just forgot you talked like that." She looked down in embarrassment. But I swear I heard her sigh with a sort of disappointment.

"You good girl?" I said to her. She looked up and said, "Yeah, im... Fine." She said looking up at me. "Anyway! Where are we gonna go? We gotta do something."

"Hmm... Oh! Remember Ann and Elizabeth's cafe?" I said with excitement. I watched Mia's eyes lit up. In that moment I noticed her eyes again. Her beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh my god! We are going right now!" She said as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out the door.

I almost tripped as she pulled me down the stairs, into the parking lot, and practically threw me into the passenger seat. She was giggling the entire time. I loved her laugh, she didnt have a care in the world when she was smiling, and it made me happy too.

She opened the driver door hopped in, only to realize she forgot her keys. "Ugh I swear to god!" She started giggling at her own stupidity and hopped out of the car again.

I watched her run back up the stairs, skipping steps, and her hair was flowing. I absolutely admired everything about her. Her hair was a gorgeous shade of blonde, it was slightly curled at the bottom, but straight at the top. It was long, so it beautifully flowed in the wind.

She entered her apartment and grabbed her keys, locked her door, and jumped down the stairs again. She reached the bottom, almost slipped when she quickly turned towards the parking lot, laughing the whole time. She jumped in the car and turned the ignition, as I was snickering at her distinct cute childishness.

She pulled out of the lot and we started driving to the cafe. When we were in high school, we would always go to this cafe after school. They had nice staff, and the manager was like our second mother.

Mia was a dangerous driver, she always went about 10 miles over the speed limit, passed everyone on the road, treating driving like a game. It was scary, but fun at the same time.

We practically swerved into the cafe's parking lot, and parked right by the front entrance. She took off her seatbelt, took the keys out of the ignition, unlocked the car, and opened her door and jumped out. I hadn't even took my seatbelt off yet when she yelled "C'mon! Slowpoke!" I yelled back "Okay, okay I'm coming!"

She was jumping with excitement when I opened my door. I barely even closed the car door when she grabbed my hand. She pulled me through the door and to the front counter.

We were happily greeted by a waiter, who brought us to a booth. We sat down, and ordered. She got a strawberry milkshake and a burger. This kind of surprised me, because her body was very slim. She was wearing a shirt where I could see her stomach and waist, and she was very slim.

"Hey!" She said, startling me. "Were you listening?" She continued. "No, sorry." I responded.

"I was asking you how your college life is going." She repeated.

"Oh well, its pretty stressful, but I'm keeping up with my grades, how are you?" I said in response.

She looked at me and uncomfortably laughed, "Well, my grades suck." She chuckled. "I only keep them up high enough for me to be able to stay in softball." She looked down, still smiling.

"Hey, it's alright, I'm proud of you. Youre doing great, better than me at least." I said. She lifted her head up, and her eyes started to water.

"Really? You are?" She said to me with a huge smile on her face. I saw a tear track down her cheek.

I quickly jumped to the other side of the booth and sat next to her. I was thinking that I said something wrong, but those thoughts were extinguished by her gleaming smile.

She wrapped her arms around my waist, rested her head on my shoulder, and cried happy tears. She let out an occasional "Thank you."

I then wrapped my arms around her, trying to comfort her and calm her down.

It took maybe ten minutes, but she stopped sobbing. But she kept her arms around me, and her head on my shoulder.

She laughed, "Sorry, I just dont think anyone has ever been proud of me." She said to me.

I pulled her away from me slightly so I could look at her face. "Really? How is that possible? You are so good at softball!"

She looked at me, and collapsed onto me again. She nuzzled my shoulder slightly, and I let her stay there. I stayed on that side of the booth with her. They brought out our meals, and she became her normal self again.

We talked about school, our family, other big things in our life, until we finished. She offered to pay, but I didn't let her. By now, it was pretty dark.

We hopped in her car, drove a few blocks down to her apartment, and we both got out of the car. I walked her up to her apartment, and she was a little more tired now, so she wasn’t jumping up the steps.

We reached her door, and before she opened it, she said “Bend down a little, I need to tell you something.”

I did what she asked, I bent down, curious what was so important that she had to whisper.

*smooch* She kissed me on the cheek.

My heart stopped. “Thank you Johnathan.” She said. Then she opened her door quickly, obviously embarrassed, and said “See you tomorrow.”

Hi! This is the end of episode 2. I really hoped you enjoyed. If you like this series, please follow me to stay notified for the next episode. Seeya next time! :p

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