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Do you ever wonder how your life could be affected if you did something differently?

Or maybe if you didn't do something?

There is so many things i would change about me and my actions.

If you got offered to change your past would you say yes?

Well, I would say no,

Even though there are so many good things that would come out of it

Maybe i'd still be with the one I love

But I say no because i feel like if i didn't do those things, my life would be different

If I didn't drift apart from my friend they would not have been around their friends today

If I didn't drift apart I wouldn't be friends with the friends I have now

If I didn't quit my great opportunities then I wouldn't have met my best friend

Yes, it sucks to make bad decisions

but i feel like theres a reason

a reason for my awkwardness

a reason for my clumsiness

a reason for my flaws

If i didn't have these traits i would be a very different person today.

Yes, I might've had a better life if i changed some things.

But some things weren't meant to be

you have to let go, even if it hurts at first

because if you don't let go it'll hurt worse and worse in the future

I believe that your mistakes help you as a person as well

ask yourself, what would be different if i didn't do that, or, if i did that

If i hadn't thought that things happen for a reason, and that things will suck in life and you can't control it,

I wouldn't be writing this right now.

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