Moonlight Tryst 🌙
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zer0 I like to write rhyming poetry~
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By midnight, they make a run for it...


Moonlight Tryst 🌙

It should have never been like this,

Though, I know I can’t resist your kiss.

I’m an outsider with the crown prince -

We’d have too many people to convince.

I, with the one in line for the throne?

That’s not something they’d condone.

Our secret tryst has just been exposed,

Nosy reporters holler, “has he proposed?”

In the flurry of blinding lights, I reach out.

The paparazzi’s too copious, so I shout:

“Dead of night, cool breeze by the rocks.”

In response to my words, your head cocks.

I know not if you understood, but I’ll pray -

That we meet there, at the end of the day.

I run...far, far away from this noisy crowd.

People run amuck, threatening to enshroud.

Soon, I am no longer in their juxtaposition...

The sun sets during this lone intermission.

The sky’s painted peach - the hue of our love,

“Please let us be together, gods up above.”

I stand by the cliff, listening to waves crash,

My mind’s forever hooked on your panache.

I bring my hands together in solemn prayer,

My heart desires your presence, so debonair.

When midnight comes, you are finally here -

I’m so relieved and thankful that I shed a tear.

“Let’s run away together,” you whisper to me,

And that, we do. In the moonlight, we are free.

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