Heaven's Knock at My Door
Heaven's Knock at My Door sky stories

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She dreams about a god of the stars...

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Heaven's Knock at My Door

At dusk in this endless, midnight blue,

Something twinkling enters my view -

A cluster of stars I'd never seen before

Stand out clearly in this starless city sky.

Only now do I notice them...I wonder why?

My eyelids get heavy, as my consciousness fades.

During sleep, my subconscious then wades -

I dream that I'm holding open my front door,

For a gallant man whose hair shines gold.

His aura is hot and fiery, but his eyes look so cold.

"I'll show you something unforgettable tonight."

...Somehow, that sounds so wrong, yet so right.

He smirks and holds out his hand towards me.

I take it, feeling oddly spontaneous right now.

"How amusing, it is as if this was your plea."

We ascend into the night sky at high speed.

The frigid wind of this flight makes me plead,

"Could you please cease flying any higher?"

"I am Leon, a god of the stars," he declares.

"Learn your place, goldfish. This is not dire."

Soon, he relents as we're suspended in midair.

A shooting star then appears, I stop and stare.

I make a wish, placing a free hand to my chest.

"It is us gods that grant your wishes, not stars,"

Leon speaks derisively. "Now, you shall rest."

I wake up, remembering all of that in my head.

It felt completely real...I still hear what he said.

My eyelids recall his hand on them so vividly.

His words and actions were in stark contrast -

He handled me gently, but spoke a tad lividly.

"I will be seeing more of you, former goddess."

I recognise his voice, though this is the oddest -

He's nowhere to be found. Am I hearing things?

Perhaps, heaven really is knocking at my door.

Full of folly it may be, hope still gives me wings.

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