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Imaginary friend

Your imaginary friend

I watched you cry and scream,

When your boyfriend You.... dumped

You said nobody loved you.

While I was reaching out for your hand,

But you refused to feel my touch....

I watched you apply makeup,

Searching into the depth of your mirror,

As if you were expecting something else...

I told you you looked like a princess,

But you were never happy...

I remember when we dressed up like princesses,

And you smiled and waved around your plastic tiara...

Do you remember that too?


Can you hear me?

I remember how I held your hand in kindergarten,

Because you were afraid of other people...

But now you seem to like them quite a lot...

Do you still believe in true loves kiss?

Do you?

Sometimes I feel like your just another girl,

But your not and I know it.

You promised we would be best friends forever,

A promise is a promise, right?

I'm that friend that only you can see.

You can still see me....

You can still see me.... Right?

We have imaginary pets too...

You know, I think our imaginary cat needs feeding....

You haven't fed her in years....

Do you want to help?


I guess I'll just do it myself again...

Since your busy...

Do you to tell me about big school?

Like you used to do...

Is it as fun as you imagined?

When we were small,

And looking out the window as we drove by...

Do you want me to come with you?

I've been sitting here for a while...

So I think it could be cool...

Maybe you can introduce me to your friends,

And we can play princess together....

Or cats and dogs?

You still like cats.... right?


Did I do something wrong?

Please answer my questions.

Please hear my voice,


I want to play with you again....

Thanks for reading!!!! Lots of love, Zena XX πŸˆπŸ‰πŸŽπŸ₯πŸ‡

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