Spectre Comedy.

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“How am I supposed to think when I got no brain; you unscientific matrix!” And they started the bicker.


Spectre Comedy.


When Mr. Richardson bought the new place, he wasn’t aware of the gifts with it.

In the quite surroundings of Pipersville, a little village in centre of nowhere, where there were hardly any people in sight and trees shielded the life,

it did not feel necessary of him to look into the area. To his consideration, it was a nice place to relax than the busy life of city where one was always on the go.

The main reason Richard sought this place was because his life (as he thought) recently didn’t feel on the track.

Losing a large sum in his family business, the unfortunate death of his father after being ill for some time,

and the unexpected proposal for divorce from his newly wedded wife who he thought loved him, wasn’t doing any good to his self.

Sometimes Richard considered it his fault to not give enough time to his wife, however, when he thought about it clearly, he did not have any time.

While trying to prevent his business from collapsing, and trying to look after his dying father too, he thought his wife would be sincere enough to understand the circumstances he was in.

But clearly his judgement was in fault, not in a single but many ways.

“Finally!” Explained Richard filling his lungs with the fresh summer air, and glanced at his hideout. The large structure of the vintage styled villa stood marvellously in his sight.

The dark bricked walls, and the untrimmed grass of lawn, which seemed to be a foot long, gave the house an aged look, even though it was.

“Sorry to intrude in, but Boss do you really think the place is suitable to stay?

” The judicious voice of his secretary snapped him out from his thoughts of renovating the place and adding a swing in the lawn, and looked with a not so pleased look over his shoulder at Mr.

Moron, who backed up returning a sheepish smile.

Mr. Moron, unlike his name was a very nice man and faithful to Richard.

With his handsome looks and fine sense of styling, you must think women were in rush for him, but it was absolutely not, as his deadpan communication skills set anybody off.

Richard was sometimes surprised why he did not fire him off, but at the same time when he looked about his professional handling and his selfless nature,

he thought he could not get a secretary better than Moron, who was more than a brother to him that Richard did not feel important to tell.

“Indeed it is, what can be fine than a whole villa to yourself and not any morons to disturb you in this pleasant environment. I am sure nothing.

” Richard replied and grinned at his secretary’s infantile expression that in turn rolled his eyes.

“What if there are ghosts or spirits? I am sure that that wouldn’t be very pleasant.

After all in this secluded area the possibilities are more, and you seem to have chosen the perfect haunted place to never settle in.

” Moron replied pressing the word haunted, while giving quick glances around as they strolled with two briefcases and a food hamper over the stony path, their shoes clicking with it.

Richard gave a heartily laugh at Moron’s thoughts, aware of his fear to horrors. “Don’t sound silly, you know there is nothing like ghosts but our hallucination.

I am sure this is the result of listening to your grandma’s tales for more than necessary.”

“I don’t know if there are and any soon don’t want to know either.” Moron replied while taking in the looks of the villa.

There was something off about it but he was not interested to find out what it was.

“Why be afraid? Don’t you interest to see them, I am. Think about seeing their ludicrously grotesque figures with your own eyes, and shaking hands with their malformed ones.

I am sure it will be a nice experience to remember. “Richard said while opening the lock to the entrance and swung the door open.

“I don’t think it is a wise...” Moron found his words skidded to a halt as he entered in the luxury.

The beautiful walls tinted in grey appeared in his vision,

the large living room stretched wide afar with two large chandeliers hanging down the ceiling that was posted on many carved columns standing in every corner and rooted in the polished floor.

At the centre of the living area, there was a large circle couch to relax on with a lined white coffee table.

Beautiful pieces of art covered the walls, and large vases held different flowers giving out an intoxicating fragrance. “I must take my words back; it is a wonderful place to stay.

” Moron replied while moving around and observing the art.

“Indeed it is; I did not expect it to be this beautiful. The founding-possessor must have had a great taste of interiors.

But how come it is so clean? Anyways all it needs now is just some exterior renovations, and a swing will add.” Richard said earning a funny expression from Moron.

“What? There is nothing bad about wishing for a swing!” Richard exclaimed rather cried.

“I believe there isn’t.

” Moron said and looked at his watch to find that it was getting late and he needed to leave before the dawn as soon there was possibility of summer rains which weren’t good to the roads here.

“Anyways boss, I must be going now, it is getting late.”

“Sure, send greeting to your grandma from me.”

“Farewell boss, and be safe of the ghosts.” He heard Moron say before the door being shut.

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