Spectre Comedy {Part 2}
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Spectre Comedy {part 2}

Spectre Comedy {Part 2}

“Hey, do you think he will be afraid?” A squeaking voice said.

“He should be!” A different yet somehow same voice whispered-yelled, sounding angry.

“But what if he did not?” The first voice asked again, words coming out dumbly.

“Did you not hear him; his unbelief would make him so. After all ignorance is perilous.” The second voice replied surety lacing its words.

Weird clacking sounds echoed in the room over the relaxing sound of rain, making Richard frown in his sleep. He was never a deep sleeper even when the comfort of rain cloaked him.

“Look he is waking!” The first voice exclaimed excitedly, followed by the second one. Richard too irritated by the constant bugging suddenly sat up giving out a loud shout, “Just shut up!”

“Eeee!” Screeches echoed in the room followed by the sounds of something shattering.

By now Richard was completely awake and in haste flicked open the lights only to have his eyes widen out followed by not so manly scream.

Near the foot of his bed, there were two skeletons clinking and clanking.

One of the skeletons was absent of the skull and its arms were thrashing around as if trying to find it, and the second one was lying below him in a painfully twisted way.

“W-what are you? Who are you? Am I dreaming?” Richard blabbered and pinched himself to wake up from the dream. But alas! It was not a dream; Moron’s words came true.

“Aa! Ghost! Help!” Richard cried out in despair, accompanied by another.

“Where is ghost? Help! I don’t want to die!” The voice screeched out and Richard looked at his lap to find a skull with clattering jaws.

“Hello!” Richard let out a cry and without thinking jumped out of the bed, the skull falling to the floor. “Oh! There you are.

” The skull-less skeleton picked up its skull and placed it on his neck. “You should not have done this. Nowadays we don’t get much calcium.

” The other skeleton said getting up and twisting back its bones to their positions. “And vitamin D, for the fact we cannot roam in sun, it tans our skin.

” The other one said earning a scold from his companion, “But we got no skin, you thoughtless bone!”

“How am I supposed to think when I got no brain; you unscientific matrix!” And they started the bicker.

It was not a very common sight to see ghosts arguing about science, and vitamins and calcium,

and must had been sight to take one’s time as Richard instead of escaping from the clanking ghosts was rather dumbfound interested in their debate.

Must have been so, after all it was not a sight seen frequently, and in large cities the skeletons in alter of being seen arguing about science and tan, were mostly experimented on.

Humans (living, I must clear), even they feel dumb in the crowds, so it was a new and unheard experience for Richardson.

“You are stupid like this Mr!” One of the Skeletons exclaimed pointing his meatless finger towards Richard, trying to insult the other one.

“Impossible! How come someone can be this ignorant and judgemental? Alas, but you are!” The second one mocked his companion (now rival) and clacked his jaws in an amused way as if laughing.

Richard, however, looked perplexed or more of ashamed at being insulted by someone who dispossess of tongue spoke sardonic.

It was as if he was talking to one of his clients Ms Rose, who prickled more than she scented.

It was always amusing to Richard how men fell for her appearances, even though her morals were to curse upon.

It always seemed to him as if everybody wants something, regardless of considering the quality, something just for the mere exteriors.

Same was the case with his wife, who he thought was a woman of high serenity and thoughtfulness, and beautiful inside out,

but did not expect instead a woman of fancy desires and a very little tolerance towards her husband’s conditions of some time.

It was ridiculous how she expected their relationship to be always moonlight and roses, discounting the sacrifices one has to make for relationships to survive.

“Now, what should we do with this Mr? Should we eat him?” Richard felt his body shuddering at the thought and hastily ran out from the room to escape for his life.

The loud thumping of his feet echoed in the space, followed by the clanking of bones.

He did not want to die, especially devoured by two skeletons, which itself sounds absurd as they had no appropriate organs to munch through him.

In a sudden movement as if the ground being snatched beneath his feet, Richard felt his body stumbling forward. Nothing seemed to appear to his vision and his arms thrashed wildly.

A huff left his lungs followed by a stinging pain in head. Mr. Richard cried out loud when he felt something or rather someone restricting his movements.

But...Ah! A dream it was!

His eyes opened abrupt to the sight of his newly adapted bedroom and found his being stuck in blankets on the floor. He left a deep breath—he did not know he was holding.

It was morning already and the sun was high in the sky, sunlight peering through his window.

“Oh, what a dream it was!” He exclaimed standing up, but suddenly coming to halt. His eyes widened at the sight before him. No it wasn’t possible! It was a dream!

But why were there bones all over the floor?!

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