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A Good Night Text

You wake up to a dark room, the air conditioning creating a quiet atmosphere.

Your sheets are warm where your body had been laying for the past few hours.

You tense your shoulders and inhale deeply, then roll onto your side, facing your bedroom window.

You blink- or at least you think you do- in the darkness and reach out blindly towards your nightstand.

First, you feel the cool leather of the book you were reading before you went to sleep, then the metallic frame of your reading glasses.

Your clumsy fingers finally brush against your phone and you pull it closer before you finally pick the sleek object up and bring it directly to your face.

You press the home button and a blinding light crashes against your eyes, making you shut them immediately and tilt your phone downwards slightly as you open your eyes a crack,

squinting at the bright screen.

Once your eyes adjust, two smiling faces greet at you, and you can't help but smile back, moving your feet to and fro, from warm to cold,

when the face of the boy you love the most stares at you through the screen.

Moving on, you press your thumb to the home button gently and unlock it, the lock screen sliding upwards and out of view as yet another picture crosses your screen,

making you smile yet again and half-bury your head into your pillow so that only one eye peeks at your screensaver.

"I will never get tired of looking at you," You think to yourself whilst gazing at the amazing person smiling at you.

You open the messaging app to see that he sent you a text no more than minutes ago- a bunch of red hearts- and you can't help but give your legs a little shake and smile even wider than before,

your thumb darting across the flat surface of your phone as you text him back.

You decide not to tell him you had fallen asleep while waiting for him and return several hearts,

knowing full well that the excessive amount of emojis is nothing compared to what the absolutely wonderful person texting you deserved far more than a dozen red shapes on his screen.

You press send, and he responds within a minute or less with a question.

"How was your day?"

"Good, how about yours?" You text back.

"Mine was ok, wyd?"

This goes on for several minutes.

Finally, your eyelids start to droop and the phone in your hands grows heavy as sleep wraps its hands around you, slowly pulling you back into its embrace.

You decide to text good night first and begin typing- slowly, with clumsy, sleep-ridden thumbs.

Halfway through your text, he sends you one.

"Good night I love you you're so great and loving I absolutely love it and I love you you're flat out a superb personI love you good night" Is what the message reads,

followed by several heart emojis.

His message warms your heart as you read it in his voice, blushing and smiling like an idiot at the amount of affection he poured out into this single text.

You text him a reply with the same complimenting, affectionate format- emojis included.

Then, he sends you a singular heart emoji.

You send one back, smiling.

Once a few minutes have passed and you are sure he has gone to sleep, you do the same, feeling much happier than you were when you first fell asleep that night.

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