The 8 breakups with Chase
The 8 breakups with Chase breakups stories

zefemleprechaun ♥I got the pot of gold duh♥
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8 break ups

The 8 breakups with Chase

So our first break up was because of his brother saying Chase didn't like me and he told all his friends he was using me.

I was a complete idiot and believed Cayden(Chase's Brother name) and I went with him instead and it turned into a big argument and we broke up and got back together.

Then the second time was his fault because he cheated.We got into and argument and separated.

3rd-8th was all his fault he cheated and had a bunch of kids by the time I met him and it pissed me off so we broke and pretend we don't even know each other but how can I do that he broke my heart repeatedly.

So now I'm happy and nothing will change.

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