Thanksgiving (basically how mine went)
Thanksgiving (basically how mine went) my stories

zefemleprechaun ♥I got the pot of gold duh♥
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My thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (basically how mine went)

This is basically true tbh my thanksgiving was so fucking horrible I will never in my fucking life go over to my grandfather's house

My grandfather got so drunk he cussed everyone out.

My great grandmother didn't know how to control her son cause she was out of town with my great grandfather. What kind of shit is that?!

On top of that my cousin and my youngest uncle were attacking me every five seconds to tell me to fix them something to eat.I told them "I might be a girl but I will put you both in body bags." and they ran off for at least 5 mins.

They then came in there and jumped on me so I had tied them up with a rope so they can let me do what I gotta do.

Then out of nowhere my aunt and my grandfather start cussing each other out for no reason that was it.I grabbed my shit and walked out of the door.

In all my life this was so horrible I didn't enjoy it at all but the most fun I had was with my uncle and cousin like I said before I'm not happy about it but it was fun.

Peace out

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