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zefemleprechaun ♥I got the pot of gold duh♥
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Basically for someone I still have feelings for minus the blood and guts in everything,


You see me.

You look at me.

But you never notice me.

I've been your bestfriend.

Stayed by your side.

But you neglect to notice me.

I scream out in my head, "Notice me!"

And You never do.

Then you go off with him.

It hurts.

Every time, Y'all kiss,hug, hold hands and cuddled.

I cry.

Cause I fucked up.

I sit here alone under these cherry blossoms and all I can say is.

"I fucked up, I'm sorry."

My last words as I take my last breath as I die under the same blossom tree were.....

"I love you senpai."

Then I close my eyes and run into the light as I lose alot of blood near the tree.

This is the tale of a broken heart.

The end!

Hey guys thanks for the 30 likes and since I got 30 I have to stay and write more and to all the people who are just reading this follow me and read the rest of my stories they say they are good and I say they are terrible and To the people who made the 30 likes if you read this comment below for a shout out on my next story. Also whoever is the first 10 people to comment on this will also have a shout out on my next story well bye guys!

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