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My love life....

My love life

This is true. I really hate this part of life but we got to have one.So don't judge and if you will judge turn around now!!

I'm not kidding if you're going to judge leave!!

Well here goes nothing.

All my life has been turned upside down from depression. I tried to date people but they left me.

I had my first boyfriend when I was 4.His name was Christopher.He treated me like a queen until I find out he had a side chick and trust me we broke up and got back together but separated when we left preschool I was sad.

By the time I hit 5th grade I started dating online and I met a guy name Chase. (Hold it I don't wanna talk about him cause I get really mad but I got to)He was as sweet as he could be.But little did I know he cheats and his brother wants me. I'm thinking.....WHAT HELL HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?

Then after awhile Me and Chase had so many break ups (I write about all 8 of them later) I couldn't stand the pain so I left and got with....

My bestfriend Foxy (Yes that's his online name From Fnaf Foxy if you don't know what it is) He was charming and suicidal.But I was so in love I didn't notice how sad I was getting then I got to a point where suicide became my only option.

Then we split apart and I got with my present day boyfriend I love Nick he's my life and so special to me.I will never trade him because he makes me happy and never sad.

Thanks to Christopher for teaching me life is full of surprises. Thanks to Chase for teaching me you can't love someone if you aren't loved. Thanks to Foxy for showing me my life is important and I should enjoy it.

The end

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