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zefemleprechaun ♥I got the pot of gold duh♥
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I'm writing poems that you can share to your love ones I'm not making one just for y'all not to share.


The way you smile.

Has my heart beating.

The way you look at me.

Has me hypnotize.

The way your hair moves in the wind.

Has me passing out.

You're perfect for me.

Because you always say you're ugly and look out for other people and have pushed me up since day one.

You're my ride or die.

But I can't say I don't love you.

Cause I do.

I love you with all your beautiful features.

Now I have an important question baby girl.

Will you marry me?

If she says yes you golden,if she says no run like hell jk jk she couldn't possible say no. Also shout out to these people @tweek_tweak @qimagine and @sonnettree for comment on my last story I appreciated it.

Now if you gonna propose do it write alright and you paraphrase just do it right.

Alright also if you need a poem ask me and I'll write you one just after I ask some questions.

Also last time I'm giving out shoutouts so message me comment on the story do whatever to get me to pay attention to you.

Alright bye now.

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