Hanging Within The Balance
Hanging Within The Balance death stories

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Sometimes my mind just wanders.

Hanging Within The Balance

There are silent days when my mind no longer has the strength to bare its own thoughts.

When walking across the street, I pay no attention to cars flying by.

When the darkness I normally fear, I desire to be surrounded by.

So that maybe the creatures that lurk within will devour me.

When the idea of life seems so far fetched, not even death could convince me its deal is worthwhile.

I hang within the balance of life and death.

Letting it suspend me above uncertainty.

Unsure of which route to take, I live haphazardly.

Crossing each street, sleeping with demons and questioning my creator's abilities.

I skip along the tightrope, not questioning what’s below me.

Or wondering how far is the fall, but I just hang within the balance.

Holding onto the quick resolution, but also questioning the potential of the long journey ahead.

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