Too Hurt To Love
Too Hurt To Love stories

zaneerahaliCommunity member
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Too Hurt To Love

Too Hurt To Love

You have no right

No right all

To call me yours

When your busy living your life

Even if I'm dying

I'm too proud to accept stupidity

Even if I'm drowning

I will not raise my hand

I'll rather die drowning

For all you have given me is pain

And I'm not willing to be treated like I'm made of stone

For love has taught me there's a limit to care

Show me your heart made of rust

And I'll show you mine is made of brick

I have given you so many chances

That I rejected guys

It seems your too big of pride

For I trust guys no more

I'll play too the game

And I'll rather stay single

And follow my dreams

Even when I'm too asleep to see them

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