He Broke Me
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He Broke Me

I wanna know it

I wanna feel it

Is it an illusion

Or I'm I just dreaming

The brightening of your smile

The comfort of your hand

The assurance of your voice

Your so tiny a figure

Maybe that's what triggered

The image in my mind that felt so real

The inter winning of our small hands

Never to part ways again

Burst joy in me like a flower

All you ever saw was smile and laughter

My pain masked in jokes and I don't care

All I ever wanted was your care

And all you ever gave me was a nightmare

I know your Mr.perfect

And I know I'm a hopeless wreck

But that wasn't a ticket

To give me false hopes

To play with my feelings

I don't know why...I don't know why

I gave you my all

Gave you my heart to ruin it

I realise now it's just a mirage

A twisted heaven and hell

Both sweet and sour

All in one

Cause it never happened

The cruelty of it all

It was just all in my head

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