My Soul Mate
My Soul Mate valentines-day-contest stories

zaneerahali Community member
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I see stars in your eyes The sun in your smile

My Soul Mate

I see stars in your eyes

The sun in your smile

Your face is brighter than the moon

Your love for me pure and strong like lightning

Your words colorful like flowers

Touch soft like cotton

So let the magic begin

Dance happily like the swaying trees in autumn

Our love is vast like the sky

Your love heals my broken heart

Letting it grow and bloom

Just like the seeds in spring

Cools my tortured heart

Like a thirsty being in the desert

I wish I could fly into your heart

And live there with you

Cover me in your warmth

And be a piece of your body

So I could always be with you

Wherever you go

Your beauty blinds me

Just like looking at the sun in mid afternoon

Your love feels cozy and safe

As being in a blanket when it rains

You make my world colorful and beautiful

Like the celestial bodies in the galaxy.

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