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The past is important

The Past

We all have things in the past we would like to forget.

Maybe just an embarrassing moment.

Like tripping on the sidewalk.

Or the feeling when your friend leaves you.

And you want to forget all the good memories you shared.

Possibly it was the conversation in which you shared a little too much.

And they didn't feel comfortable around you anymore.

It's those moments when you wish you could just live in the moment.

Never remember anything.

But you'd miss so much.

You would miss the happy memories.

That afternoon you spent with your sibling.

The prank you pulled on your friend.

And the day you skipped school with your friends to hang out at the mall.

But you would also miss the growth you go through after an unpleasant experience.

You would miss the learning experience.

And even if the experience never happened to you again.

It could help someone else.

And that's what the past is for.

So cherish the good memories.

And learn from the bad.

Because, no matter what, the past is important.

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