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What is beauty?


What is beauty?

Or a more specific question:

What does beauty mean to you?

Is it the stereotypical, perfect figured model?

Or is it the average, healthy young woman you saw the other day?

With her head held high, walking with confidence?

Is beauty just the standards the society sets?

Or is it something else?

Really, beauty is something that can be found everywhere.

That guy may not be wearing stylish clothing,

But he is walking with confidence.

That's what beauty is.

That little girl.

She went through chemotherapy and lost her hair.

Even so, she is strong and inspires others.

That's what beauty is.

The old man you see walking down the street.

He doesn't fit the 'picture perfect' person anymore.

But he goes and volunteers at a suicide hotline to help prevent people from taking their lives.

That's what beauty is.

Just because they don't dress right,

Just because they don't have long, flowing hair,

Just because they do not embody the narrowminded view of beauty,

Doesn't mean that they aren't beautiful.

You just have to look a little deeper than skin-deep.

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