Idler's Infinity
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zaimsoundz Community member
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Trapped in an infinity of idleness

Idler's Infinity

An idlers hand, the future holds

A light that never shows

A dark tunnel running

An infinity is coming

A typewriter,

At a procrastinator's feet

Never beats that monkey fleet

To write the entire works of Shakespeare

What never comes to them is any fear

They have an infinity of time

A luxury evidently isn't mine

At a procrastinator's feet

It'll never come, so I'll go to sleep

Where I'll dream about a time

When I can do anything that comes to mind

In an infinity of holes

Searching for some light from the sun

But It'll never come

To a procrastinator's feet

So I guess I'll just go to sleep

And dream about a dream

Where I'll wake up again tomorrow

And resume the search

Oh I'm stuck in an idler's infinity

I hope it comes to me

In a dream

Probably won't

So I guess I'll just go to sleep

And start again tomorrow.

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