You & I
You & I romance stories

zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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Wrote this back in December. With an intention of it being something really lovely and romantic but... it just ended up being a depressing one. It's really normal at this point for me. Hope you like it!

You & I

by Zahidah Adnan

For every second i thought of you,

I could grow a garden.

Like a dream came true,

I am taken to heaven.

But all this is just an illusion.

Placing hopes on false solution.

Self doubt and self pity,

All we needed was just somebody.

Like stretching vines,

We intertwined.

My heart and yours,

Can never combine.

You know what they say about poles?

Negatives will never attract.

We were just two people,

Simply finding reasons to connect.

Both of us were running in circles.

Running away from our biggest fears.

And so for all the wrong reasons,

We bury ourselves in tears.

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