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How To Love Yourself

By: Zahidah Adnan


by Zahidah Adnan

It’s been so long since I last wrote or read – or forgive and forget.

Sometimes life puts you on a troll track.

Making you feel things you shouldn’t.

Overthinking when your thoughts are in congestion.

But here’s my take away – a lesson or two

Of the things I’ve learned on seeking the truth.

One – be nice or be silent.

For sometimes words unspoken

Are better than a heart left broken.

Two – self-love is not selfish.

You don’t have to hurt others to get better.

Rather, you can encourage love and be kinder.

Three – everyone makes mistakes; let’s forgive.

We are all flawed like many other.

We are born and bound to hurt one another.

Finally – being soft is not a weakness

Being gentle even when you’re hurt,

Will help you grow; a passionate heart.

I was like an unwind puppet – broken and down.

Now my soul is back with the winds, ready for another spin.

Taking time to put the pieces back together,

Will eventually make yourself feel much happier.

Give yourself time, and everything will be fine.

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