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zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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short-lived dreams hopes balance faith and whatever else


by Zahidah Adnan

been feeling out of place

out of sleep

and sort of out of shape

have you felt that way?

feels like I am just floating

in mid air

or in the ocean

sometimes the bathroom floor

life has its weird hypothesis about balance

the dark

then the light

the rain

then the shine


but never me

living life accordingly

to how it is set to be

quite honestly

it’s actually hypocrisy

made believe dreams

were meant to set you free

but only if you lean

you'd know it can never really

set anyone free

dreams meant that

you put yourself at risk

to reach high enough

till you really feel pleased

not by anyone else I mean

but only to the person you see

behind that foggy bathroom mirror

i've spent my days and nights

thinking how my writing would be alright

but only frustration grows

when the rhymes never really flows

i'm just a little girl

stuck in an old woman’s body

you’ve heard about that

once or too many

but I am not close to even lying

I am actually pretty much dying

to be the best

or be the worst

who knows?

well I guess god knows.

but I promise me

one day I’ll be the best and the worst

but greatly

I’ll be the one you’d remember the most

and this is where it will all begin

where writing became my only friend

but don’t you worry

I promise you, this will not be the end

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