Losing My Spirit
Losing My Spirit pain stories

zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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When you lose yourself..

Losing My Spirit

by Zahidah Binte Adnan

Every time I settle down to write something

I tune up to my favorite playlist

Allowing the music to flow at the back of my mind

As I creatively paint through words on a piece of paper

But what came was a ferocious hurricane

Found myself drown in ocean of tears

To the emotions that overflows out of control

As the words were sang in humming pain

Writing was supposed to be an escape for me

From the cruel reality that never seem to leave

But in the end these feelings have overgrown inside me

Making writing a difficult game for me to play

I hate losing the fight

I’ve always pledged to win

Unfortunately, sometimes what you feel inside

Makes you lose everything

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