Keep Yourself Alive
Keep Yourself Alive hopes stories

zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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like id always say to myself on harder days "have faith have hope".

Keep Yourself Alive

there’s a lot of intensity

when I think about

the person that I want to be

we create dreams out of fantasies

structuring hopes and dreams

out of our own curiosity

yet they’d tell us how we’ll never make it through

for what we are, are not what they see as true

this place will keep crushing your hopes and dreams

but only you have the power in your hands, in your heart

to take over and not tear it apart

id say breathe

id say leave, and live

leave the negativity

and live for all the possibilities and opportunities

future is unpredictable

and living makes us vulnerable

but that’s the beauty of life

no matter what’s ahead of us

our hopes and dreams

are what keeps us alive

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