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zahidah 21, writing is my tranquility.
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I've been posting lots of depressing ones haha thought I'd share more positive one. Here is one of my own favorite writing!


by Zahidah Adnan

Be kind

on days that it feels difficult to share a smile.

Be giving

on days that seems impossible to receive.

Be loving

on days that feels hard to show how much you truly care.

Be forgiving

on days when it’s challenging to understand their affairs.


when it’s hard to believe.

For we all have days that it feels deadly to breathe.

Like choking on our tears with tangled vines around our neck

Everything seems to get tighter, as we pull the vines to our faults.

It seems like it would have been better if we had just given up than actually giving in.

But we are so much more than what we see ourselves to be.

We are more than enough than we actually feel.

Our vulnerable hearts, are worth more than anything we’d ever love.

For we should always love ourselves before anyone else.

Plant that faith, and let your heart grow.

For time is short to not let yourself be bold.

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