A Safe Place

zahidah21, writing is my tranquility.
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This is a poem i wrote on March 5th, 2016. I call it "A Safe Place". It is dedicated to someone who I loved most, ever. But who have left long ago. There's always someone you can't have, but you will always secretly love. This is for them.

A Safe Place

by Zahidah Adnan

No matter how much I give, I never learn that losing comes with it.

How long till the heart feels like it's enough. Too early but a little too late.

I love you - it's more than that

It's something you'd never understand. It hurts, but I will accept each scar.

You're the home I've longed for.

You keep me safe I want no one else but you.

Is it the same for you, too?

Don't ever leave. I will never be able to live again.

Not like how I am now, With you.

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