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Volatility - n. the liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.
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A dark form emerges from the depths Breaths breaking the surface of the still water

As it rises, a ring of blackness emanates Proliferates, tendrils slowly grasping, tainting

The form stands hunched over Horror, an emaciated horror.

It raises its head slowly Painfully, its bony chest contracts and expands Hands clutching knees, it takes one labored breath after another

It struggles to breathe with wheezes Yet it focuses intently at its reflection on the water

Then calmly, as if recognizing my presence, it looks up Dark, corrupt, piercing eyes suspended in air Against its bare, charred, rancid body

The foul stench assaults my senses It attempts a step towards me and stumbles

What occurs next is the most sickening This apparition is regenerating!

Every step it takes, every flail and splash it makes Creates tendons and ligaments which nuzzle against its skeleton frame

No longer is it stumbling, no longer does it flail Until, at last, a fully-formed being stands grinning in front of me

This cannot be.

A wave of disbelief crashes over me None other but me staring back at me

I watch speechlessly as my double examines himself Flexing his arms and stretching his neck Heck, he looks overall very pleased with himself

Something was a little off about this His smile was a little too big

The eyes a little too wide; a little too wild Yet he seems quite bridled as he extends his hand and says "Nice to finally meet you"

I am still too shock to do anything else but accept his gesture I look down and, to my horror, my own body had completely withered

Devoid of everything save the skin upon my bones

He suddenly grips me by the neck and lifts me My energy is sapped; my destitute body unable to resist

And hurtles me into the tainted water

Each movement it had made toward me Stripped away a bit of me for him

My new self strides towards my fallen body effortlessly Ever gracefully, with that smug smile still on his face

The transformation is complete. And the reek is no longer from him, but I

He stands over me, watching me gasp and squirm "Little worm, with what I have now I guess you're not needed anymore"

Before I could utter- In a flutter, his foot pushes me under into oblivion.

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