The Tears of Gold
The Tears of Gold damage stories
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zacharymartinwe In love with the classics
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Poem on the fear of insufficiency and the collateral damage that it can cause.

The Tears of Gold

In the midst of the wood that held the treasure of my youth

I found myself looking on newly excavated gold.

“Give us beauty that we might serve!” cried the gold to I.

After lying in thought for a moment I then made my reply.

I turned to my side and offered in humble, hopeful anticipation

this worthy treasure to my bride.

There then came a great surprise, that struck my giving heart;

for within the eyes of my beloved

I saw a sudden and urgent fear.

Reception became a phantom,

and only after a moment's hesitation came this disheartening reply;

“Thank you,


can you trade it in?

I would rather have the money.”

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