The Clock Paradox and Time’s Confession
The Clock Paradox and Time’s Confession clock stories

zacharymartinwe In love with the classics
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A parallel between time and the human condition.

The Clock Paradox and Time’s Confession

There is a line that cuts straight through

Our realm. It Ticks, notes, and disposes

As it falls ever lower and lower

In a claustrophobic black beam.

I feel it beating and tearing on my body.

I see it moving on my wrist

In continuous circles as it hopes to disguise,

Within the very matter it decays,

The infinite it will never quite obtain.

On and on it likes to go faster

In a rush to the next technician.

It receives a diagnosis and ignores

All the wise words of salvation, and

Therefore finds itself slipping behind

Until its’ ticking becomes difficult to find.

Refraction is the action that it takes

As it finally surrenders to the technician’s verdict.

In that moment, as ordered,

It touches each man’s grave, and

Shoots back up like a ribbon in the wind

Looping, twisting, sustaining

All in a bright cloak of prismic colors.

Free at last, it is as it was made to be.

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