Poseidon's State
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zacharymartinwe In love with the classics
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Immersing yourself into the realm of the soul. (Sorry it's long)

Poseidon's State

Imagine with me, if you will,

An approaching wave,

So vast that it approaches as a mountain.

I know what will happen;

First, comes the state of complete incomprehension,

Open mouthed and dumb.

Then, the animal instinct will spark, shocking the mind

Into fight or flight.

But what if

In the brief awe you saw inside

A collage of beauty only found within

The Great Barrier Reef of Coral Sea?

What if the breeze preceding encapsulation

Mirrored that of being swept off your feet

By the one you love? Would you run,

Or would paralyzed state captivate?

Most will run embracing the animal.

But for those who choose to stand

Let me continue to unfold

This story full of wonder.

Continue with me, if you will,

This gaze on whirlpool beauty.

As new world approaches in its stain glass enclosure,

A face forms before your eyes.

I know what will happen;

First, you jump with fright like seeing zombie come to light,

But then as eyes lock with eyes

You will see all eternity.

What once was fear will disappear

Into the eyes of Poseidon.

He lifts his head, rising higher

Exposing chest, which opens

Like gate to incorporate you into his world.

Most will twist and shout

Grasping for rock and root, anything

To secure you to the known.

But for those who let go

Let me continue to unfold

This story full of fulfillment.

Live with me now, if you will,

In this new world we never sought.

Free from ground

We find a new state of mind.

Once we thought that oxygen was the only

Thing to sustain our lungs and life.

Liberation! We now exist in

An encapsulated world of overabundance.

It is under this wave I find

Everything my soul needs to survive.

Soul over mind, mind over body is what I declare,

And is found necessary to avert despair

While surrounded by Poseidon’s realm.

For you few who have remained through

Emotional torment and physical strife

You will receive the greatest delight,

Life! Life as it was meant to be!

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