Gracious Re-enchantment
Gracious Re-enchantment pain stories
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zacharymartinwe In love with the classics
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A story of hope.

Gracious Re-enchantment

I can just barely remember a time when I saw all

through a lens of pure wonder. I never stood

looking at the ocean

in anything other than a bewilderment

and an urge to experience - a concept

which I had yet to understand.

I remember a time shortly thereafter

when, looking out over the familiar, a feeling

approached and cloaked my soul

in an innocent joy that lay bare all life

in naked glares and sparks of celestial

light, seeing all as pure, as it was made to be.

I then remember the tearing

of my glorious cloak from my young shoulders

and the fierce hands that grabbed

in envious lust, throwing all down

to dark, damp, and murky, and leaving me

to rot in an enclosed well of decay and despair.

I am, at this time, coming to the truth,

that by dwelling on the bright entrance

to this deep hopeless well I will find

that my home is still waiting and

my cloak is still laying out in the real

world of innocence and eternal youth.

I, therefore, need to hold fast to the hope that once I so intimately knew.

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