Fear Revised
Fear Revised fear stories

zacharymartinweIn love with the classics
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haiku on our fearful reaction to the beyond or unknown, and the truth of what the unknown or beyond actually holds.

Fear Revised

There was a whisper

That spread over the valley;

It beckoned for me.

There was a low voice

That spread over the desert;

It set me to hide.

There was a beckon

That spread over the ocean;

It set me to drown.

There was a strong call

That spread under the deep sea;

It found me weary.

There was a strong shout

That spread over the city;

I heard and followed.

There was a strong song

That spread out over my heart;

It encouraged me.

There was a strong roar

That spreads throughout heaven’s realm;

It sends joy through me.

There was a strong cry

That spread out beyond all time;

It bought me my life.

There was a kind voice

That flowed from a golden throne;

It hailed me as son.

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