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Dystopian poem following Orwell's novel 1984.

A f t e r 1 9 8 4

“Was Aristotle ever alive?” --

Interrogator: “First; what is alive?”

I: “A rhythm in the heart?”

Interrogator: “No! You’re unfit to survive!”

I: “The pulse that continues to dart?”

Interrogator: “Yes.”

Interrogator: “Second; ‘was’ is what?”

I: “Time in a verbal finesse?”

Interrogator: “Wrong! You little mutt!”

I: “Progression along a line?”

Interrogator: “Right. Yes, that is it.”

Interrogator: “Third; is either real as we define?”

I: “Why yes, of course! It would seem fit.”

Interrogator: “False! You weak minded fool!”

I: “Is maybe ‘right’, or some like manner?”

Interrogator: “Closer; can’t you see the answer is in duel?”

I: “So no then is the answer.”

Interrogator: “How is it you backtrack yet again!?”

I: “Oh I see, lost or found,

Slave or free;

All are built merely to impound

A weak mind such as me.

But words hold meaning.”

Interrogator: “No. Words hold nothing as mere noises from the gut.”

I: “Yet ‘yes’s’ and ‘no’s’ I heard you speak.”

Interrogator: “What?”

I: “You said ‘yes’ and ‘no’, which are absolute.”

Interrogator: “Don’t be absurd! When?“

I: “Just several seconds ago! Will you dispute?”

Interrogator: “Need I instruct on time yet again!?”

-- “If so, should we not see him cry in pity

For the lost; for the slaves that survive;

For the bound, chained in infinite mental flexibility?”

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