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zacharyholder 23 year-old writer from Dallas, Texas
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Brothers born conjoined must learn to navigate life in a world where they are different. In first person from both of their perspectives, join them as they learn truths about life, love, and true friendship.


My name is Justin Garner. I was born on March 30, 1994. So was my conjoined twin. Alex and I were born as two separate people, but only one body.

Some people might call us freaks, but we're best friends, and can't imagine living any other way.

We're thirteen, and have a little sister, a big brother, and the two best parents in the whole world.

Alex and I may share one body, but we are two completely different people. Alex is the brains of the body. I'm the more impulsive one.

I swear, if we weren't combined, I'm not sure how I would've turned out. He pretty much keeps me in check, and between you and me, that can sometimes be a full-time job.

I'm what my parents call “The Wild Child.” My brother is “The Angel.” Most brothers would bicker like crazy with those titles, but not us.

We know each other better than anyone – we share a body for crying out loud!

For example, tomorrow's the first day of high school. Up until now, we've always been homeschooled.

I'm the one that's excited about taking on a new challenge, and Alex is the one who's more scared about it – he calls it cautious, but it is what it is. He's worried that we'll be bullied a lot.

And we might be, just because we're different than anybody else. But the fact remains, we won't be kids forever. Eventually, we'll have to make our way.

But for now, we're happy just the way things are.

We live on a ranch, far from the prying eyes of the world. I mean, we're not prisoners. We go to town with our parents all the time. We're used to the stares, and questions.

Actually, we don't mind the questions. We're pretty friendly guys, as long as you're nice, and not mean about it. What we don't like is cameras.

When people take our picture or videotape us on the street, it kinda feels like an invasion of our privacy. Like we're some kind of circus sideshow attraction. To other people, we're different.

To each other, ourselves, and our family, we're just Justin and Alex.

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