For my friends, who may have lost heart
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zach_schullerAdventure is out there
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Just a small letter to those who feel they are on the end of their rope. I hope this helps someone somewhere

For my friends, who may have lost heart

by zach_schuller

Take every risk.

never say no to anything.

Breathe deeply

and be grateful for every heartbeat

Not just yours, but those of others

They are precious beyond comprehension, as I'm sure you already know

Every moment leads to the next, and they brought you here

You can decide where you are going, and you can get there

Breathe deeply, and think carefully

thoughts are the most powerful device humans can access

They can destroy, create; They are both life and death

In our thoughts we house our friends and our enemies

Breathe deeply, never knowing which breath will be your last

Dream as if there is no tomorrow, and act as if this moment is the last moment of life

Breathe deeply, and remember

each sorrow is temporary and every load can be lightened

Life can be vicious and cruel, there is no denying

but we can overcome

Breathe deeply

you are the only you there will ever be, and this life can be wonderful if you make it so.

Breathe deeply

you are God

Breathe deeply

you are beautiful, inside and out

Breathe deeply

your dreams will come true as long as you stay true to them

Forgive yourself for your mistakes

treat each dawn as a new beginning

Breathe deeply

Love, Me

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