The Sound of Death

             The Sound of Death




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The human kind has been erased from the Earth by something that takes on human bodies and shows no mercy.
A survivor has only one option, fight to live another day. The survivor tells his story while fighting for survival and against loneliness.
They are coming i can hear them, the only thing i can do is run.

The Sound of Death

I can’t live this way anymore, my food and water are almost gone, this isolation is killing me slowly, but not just the isolation, they, they are the biggest and worst problem I have to face, there are so many questions, how do I get out of here without them noticing?, I can’t even talk, that would be enough to reveal my position and therefore my existence which they ignore. I’m being forced to get out

I knew this day was going to come, but I had the hope that I would be dead before this happens, I though I may get sick or just catch it and be like them but no, I made it till now. The constant fear, the silence, loneliness...

The first days were the worst, back then there was only one thing, chaos. This word summarizes everything, the accidents, the running, the war that took place out there, explosions, people crying, the robberies, the shooting everything was being silenced, slowly but in the end completely silenced... and then you could hear it, the moaning, it was the only thing that remained.

When they saw somebody, they started to moan, that weird and scary sound, the sound of darkness, the sound of an incoming death, they were out there and now they are behind my door, knocking, waiting for me to open and let them kill me like they I’m afraid did with everyone. Now I have to get out of here but i still don’t know how.

I need food, I need water, security and overall time, the time no one had, and I’m afraid I will not have either. Got to think and fast. Maybe... Oh wait, they are already here...

Chapter 2

I have been a long time in this apartment, I think maybe two or three months, the windows I never opened fearing those things, had to be opened if I wanted to survive, seventy feet where keeping me away from the ground, something that was great for survival, but at the moment of my escape it was my main problem.

I took everything I could think of when I shut the living room door, there was no time, the fortune smiled me, because the owner of this apartment was a sailor, he had some sailing equipment, he had also a boat which keys I secured. I took Water( the small amount I still had) some tomato beans, I knife, a rope, a flashlight and a 9mm I found under the bed where I was sleeping for the last two or three months.

I ran to the bathroom and opened the window, the sun light embraced me blinding my eyes that were used to the almost darkness I lived into. I tied the rope to the heater hoping it was going to keep itself attached to the wall while I was descending, I looked down the street, there was no one of them, only dust, abandoned cars and silence.

I descended as fast as I could and when I was close to the ground I heard a metallic sound, I knew what was going to happen, at ten feet the heater gave up on me and let me fall, when I touched the ground I injured my left foot, a drown shout came out of my throat and I instinctively tried to block the sound with my hand, but the sound of the heater breaking and falling in the bathroom was enough to attract the attention of others,

I turned my head to the left where I heard something, and there it was, a face that turned to me, eyes looking to the infinite, white like milk and with a blue circle around that looked like glass engaged me, her mouth started to move, it was almost a skeleton, a mummy, a dark liquid started coming out with that drown sound, the moan of the death, it was trying to get to me but the seatbelt was not letting her off.

After a second I noticed she was not the only one, many others from different directions started to move, they were looking for me, I stood up and started to run down the street jumping over cars, avoiding hundreds of bodies spread along the street.

My body felt lazy and heavy, it was hard to keep running but I was awaking their interest, they were following me, slowly but with an infinite endurance, I was running with no plan besides getting to the Harbor and looking for a boat i don´t even know if it is still there. Here we go i said to myself.

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