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Blurb: The world is full of evil and it continues to get worse every day. Eleta has her own struggles when she's faced with people who try to put her down and has many losses in her past. However, she was suddenly chosen by God to be his last messenger as he provides her with powers to save those who are lost. As the end of the world approaches, her goal is to protect and help these lost souls before the seven-year tribulation of humankind begins.

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The Last Messenger

Chapter 1 - No One Can Stand In Her Way

"I'll be praying for you Eleta. God has really blessed you these many years and I'm thankful to Him for that"

18-year-old Eleta quickly put the dishes away in the sink as she picked up the phone with her grandmother's sweet face displayed on the entire screen.

"Thank you, grandmother, I hope God is blessing you as well?"

"Ahh, yes so far my treatments have been successful so you don't need to worry, dear."

Her grandmother's face still radiated even with all the hundreds of treatments she had to go through over the last 3 years.

People would have lost faith in being cured at this point, but her grandmother, Katiara, put her faith in God, believing that He would be able to cure her.

"I don't know how you keep doing that, grandma." Eleta sighed.

Eleta did put her faith in Christ when she was about 10 years old, but she always had a lot of downs in her life to where she wondered if God was even listening to her prayers.

Her parents for example who were devout Christian missionaries had left to preach in a village in another country.

Eleta prayed that they would be safe but she discovered a few weeks later that her parents were killed in the village by extremists who hated Christians spreading their beliefs to their people.

She then had to live with her grandmother in America who adored Eleta and loved to spoil her. It was until she was 15 when Katiara was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her doctor suggested her to go Israel where the treatments there would help cure her and would be cheaper.

Since Katiara was born in Israel she didn't need to apply for citizenship or anything for her stay there, so booking a flight was easy for her to manage.

However, she would then have to leave her only granddaughter on her own.

Of course, Eleta wouldn't have wanted this sudden change but she wanted what was best for her grandmother and encouraged her to go.

Her grandmother gave in to Eleta's push to go and left to Israel two months after her diagnosis.

Ever since then, Eleta had been managing her job as a waitress at the Golden Palace which was a local restaurant.

Having to pay rent every month for her apartment was a challenge too, but she still tried to not blame God for the downs in her life knowing that God has a plan for all of this later.

"Don't worry my child, you will be fine at your auditions today."

"Oh, I forgot about that!"

It was already 12:30 and auditions start at 1! Eleta snapped out of her day dreaming and quickly ran towards her bed and rummaged through the mess of clothes laying there.

Her grandmother laughed.

"I'll call you back then dear."

Her phone turned off and Eleta increased her pace as she left her apartment with her music notes at hand.

Since Eleta couldn't drive she had to run to the company called Best Hits Entertainment few streets down.

She always dreamed of being a singer one day and even created music relating to her struggles in life and incorporated Christ in them.

She never showed them to anybody worrying that they would just see her lyrics as terrible and laugh at them.

She did have a good voice though. Throughout her middle school and high school, she sang in the choir and even earned several solo parts from her music professor.

Her professor encouraged Eleta to audition for bigger companies seeing that she had potential.

Eleta believed this might be a talent that God wanted her to use so she quickly signed up for one under Best Hits which was popular among the local cities.

If she could nail this audition, she might just reach bigger brands to write her songs for.

A smile appeared across Eleta's face as the BHE building came into view. She crossed the street and headed towards building.

Upon entering the building at exactly 1, she was approached by a woman with lots of makeup and who was dressed very formally.

The lady smiled warmly at Eleta and assisted her to a waiting room where there were several others bubbling with excitement or nervousness.

Eleta took her seat and looked through her papers nervously while praying that her audition would be a success.


Mallory moved strands of her blonde hair back into place as she impatiently called out to her driver,

"How much longer?"

"We're almost there, miss." The driver adjusted his mirror glancing at Mallory with no expression.

Mallory rolled her eyes in annoyance and scanned through her phone as she read through her audition script.

She was finally allowed to audition to being an actress and she couldn't be late on her first audition.

Mallory wanted to show everyone from school how much better she is than that new girl Eleta.

During her years from middle school, Mallory had always been the prettiest and richest girl in the city.

She had a father who was a successful businessman in the entertainment industry and was able to get many connections for Mallory to start her career in acting.

The only catch was that she had to be 18 in order for her father to trust that she would be capable in not making any serious mistakes that could lead to lawsuits.

Mallory didn't mind waiting since she would be able to use her resources to the fullest and get rid of anybody who stood in her way as sweet revenge.

That one person that stood in her way right now was Eleta. In school, Eleta was always being praised that she was the prettiest and smartest in the school.

Mallory originally held that title before Eleta had stolen it from her.

Eleta was also the school's elected president and prom queen which Mallory was also running for and demanded for a recount in votes.

Now the school always talked about Eleta and how she was a great role model and Mallory was just the 'rich girl'.

Mallory envied her and wished that Eleta would just leave back to whatever country she came from.

No one knew of her background or family since she never really talked much to people but she was always kind to others whenever she did speak.

With this new audition though, Mallory would be able to bring back her popularity and step all over Eleta with it.

"We are here, miss."

Mallory snapped back from her day dreaming and huffed at the driver as he opened the limo door for her.

Making her way towards the BHE building in her expensive clothing brands, she cat-walked her way towards one of the assistants.

"Excuse me, where's the auditions?"

Mallory smiled sweetly with her perfect face at the male assistant standing there. Dazed by her beauty, the man led her to the auditioning room.

After thanking him, she turned around and smirked as she knew that in no time, she would be able to rise to the top and no one can stand in her way.

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