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Prompt:- Valediction. A poem for the writing contest held by secret_lover and writerqueen


Tiptoeing on eggshells around you; The house is painted a deep blue I'm afraid of your ire Don't want to fall into a mire

Your moods are like the weather Unpredictable and impossible to avert Sometimes it's sunny and we're back to the old days Then comes a storm and you're back to your cruel ways

Our 'home' -- another name for the prison of our own making Emotions attach us to it,but the very foundation is shaking Our bodies five inches away; souls five miles apart Somedays one is gone; the other left with a discordant heart

In our naive nostalgia, pictures and feelings We stay, we wait; guiltily hope that the other is leaving Both of us are cowards; we open the front door for each other Never stepping outside, just prompting one another

I stay here to mourn and grieve The old you; so I can't leave Clutching to the cotton rope that is the past you I begin to doubt; Was any of it even true?

When did we become like this? We're acting in the coulisse Our stupid, childish longing To reverse time is just prolonging That inevitable day, when we bid adieu When I'm finally free of the chains that are you

Goodbye, my was-love -- At least, I think it was love We can't be friends like other were-couples We fell in too deep, our well is now just puddles

So leave my hand; let me go I won't miss you, just so you know Valediction in the rain Farewell; let's never meet again

A/N: This is my entry for the competition hosted by secret_lover and writerqueen Prompt: Valediction Just wrote about a couple whose 'spark' died out. The final picture is of a yellow chrysanthemum — it means sorrow or neglected love.

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