Len x YN part 2
Len x YN part 2 #romaced stories

yurahnaki ❤️I'm not a baby lol. I'm Len's wife! 😎
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This is part two I hope you guys enjoy!! I am so happy right now

Len x YN part 2

Len's POV: I chuckled when Yurahnaki grumbled. I let her in, picked her cat up off of her shoulder and placed it on my lap.

Rin walked behind the couch and growled at me and poins her head in YN's direction quickly. I blushed like crazy then she wiggled her eyebrows up and down. I laughed at that and rolled my eyes.

She walked away laughing and YN was very confused about what had just happened. I held her cat in my arms and walked over to her so I could slip into the spot biside her.

" I know that was confusing but that is just what me and Rin do sometimes." I assured YN and wrapped my arm around her.

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