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yunolovesyukiI will no longer be shunned by my peers.
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You can always wake up from a bad dream. But the true nightmare, is waking up from a good dream.
(Based off a webtoon)


In another world,

I have sky blue cotton overalls,

I dance among the clouds,

Singing with the birds who keep me company.

The ground below is a rushing flurry of green as we soar above grassy fields.

We come across a meadow and I gasp at the dazzling display of colors.

When I open my eyes,

I am back in this world.

Where she is still yelling,

He hits me till I bruise and bleed,

And they are still laughing.

My arms and legs are sluggish,

But I must complete my homework,

Lest I want to get hit once again.

But when I my eyelids droop,

And my head hits the mattress,

I am in another world.

My hair is no longer matted,

Instead, it is softer than silk.

My skin is no longer rough and scarred,

Instead it is smooth like a sea shell,

Glowing softly in the evening light.

My clothes are no longer dirty and faded,

Instead I find myself in a white satin dress shirt,

With polished black shoes,

And Smokey gray dress pants

Topped off with a red velvet button up vest and a ash gray bow tie.

I am standing in a evergreen forest dimly lit with fireflies.

My prince charming dances with me under the moonlight,

Sharing a sweet kiss,

Unaffected by the taboo of kissing a boy.

But in the end,

I always wake up.

I will see the tan moldy walls and grungy sheets.

I will wear the same beaten and worn clothes I always have.

I will go to school early to clean the sharpie insults off my desk,

Only to be bombarded with spit balls through out the day.

When I get home,

My dad will give me bruises,

My mom will make me wear a dress,

And my wrist will bleed into the sink.

But I am not ready to wake up yet,

So I cling to my partner,

Burying my face in his pine scented chest.

I never have dreams.

For me, the true Nightmare is waking up.

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