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yunikaxiaoyung I miss you<3
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To My Future Self (who's still a baby)

Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Me, Are you still afraid to be judged? Stop being a baby and grow up. Stop hiding the real you...I'm sick of it. Learn to love it, not to hide it. Dont be afraid to be judge..because NO ONE'S PERFECT. Believe me I'm you and you are me.

Why do you even care if they laugh at you? Afraid to be alone? Show your true colors bruhh..Ofc there must be a reason why God gave you it. Stop hiding it, Im telling you cuz you are showing the fake you..Aren't you tired?! Well..I'm tired, just telling you to grow up dude. Dont hide...I'm sure there are people who will accept you...the real you.

Even till now I've been hiding it, Ofc I know that the future is based on the present. Just waiting for someone to accept the real me. I'm a baby too futureself:) So if the present me can't do it..I'm entrusting it to you, future self.

It's true I've been hiding something I couldn't even tell and I regretted it.. so grow up you baby and shine! Learn to love the real you cuz if not.. who will love you if you can't even love yourself... From: ThePastYou

Be an inspiration to others who are hiding their true colors. I'm not only saying this to my future self but as well as for others who are afraid to show the real them.. Thanks for reading!!!

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