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by yungsimone

we had it all.

we were happy together. floating on cloud nine.

always together.

we saw each other almost every other weekend. it was always fun. never a dull moment. just smiles and smiles all around.

but then, you showed your true colors.

some time in our relationship, you changed. you got too dominate. too controlling.

i let it go on.

over a long period of time, i just let it go on. let people, even you, think i was happy. think our relationship was great.


i broke. people could see i was no longer happy. people could see through my facade.


but you.

because i loved you.

even though people could see i was no longer happy, i stayed with you. i stayed because i loved you. but you didn't love me. not like you used to.

breaking point.

then i had it. i finally had my breaking point.

i finally broke through.

i finally realized i deserved better. so, i started building myself back up. raising my confidence.

but you didn't like that.

you didn't like my new found confidence. you didn't like my new dominating personality. it frustrated you.

it was okay though.

it was alright. i was happy again, or at least getting there. you weren't going to stop me from being happy.

i left you for happiness.

and it felt good. getting away from the toxicity that was our relationship.

thank you.

thank you for teaching me i deserved better. deserved happiness.

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