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yungsimone rlly antisocial and the web is my outlet
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just me.

by yungsimone


i'm probably one of the weirdest people you may meet or talk to.


i LOVE reading okay like yes pls. books and fanfiction are my best friends.

robert downey jr.

loml. literal center of my universe okay. ulitimate fangirl. there will never be a day i won't love this man. okay? okay.


okay. this show actually saved my life. i love jensen, jared, misha, mark, all of them. wouldn't be here with out them if i'm being completely honest. i never want this show to end.

criminal minds.

okay. favorite show ever. i love them so much. they've been going for so long. god bless. they're such a beautiful cast.

matthew gray gubler.

he's actually the most adorable thing on this earth. he's so not appreciated enough. don't fight me on this. i love him so much, bye.

the vampire diaries.

okay, this was my first fandom. this is where my obsessions started.

ian somerhalder.

he was actually like my first celebrity love. he knows he's sexy af and he knows how much it hurts us. sexy bastard.

i procrastinate and i'm crazy.

yeah.. the title says it all..

helping hand.

hey, if any of you guys ever need a helping hand or want some advice or need to talk, i'm here. i love helping people and making them feel better.

that's all.

alright. for introduction purposes, that's me. i mean, there's more to me than just that stuff, but those are the basics.

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