Milkman sad stories

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Sorrowful man longing for his lost love.


Looking out the window, I watch the earth smelling rain hit. Seep through the crack I made with my fist. I apologized for that. My thoughts were quite delightful during that incident.

I was watching us iceskating on the pond near the hotel we stayed at. I can recite our conversation like a song.

You told me I was more than the sun, and that's funny, seeing as we all need the sun.

I told you I loved you and I remember that mysterious smirk of yours and that heart sinking reply, "I know, do you know?" And yes I did know, I knew from the first time I ever saw you.

God, maybe I even knew before I was born. In this window I continue to see your face, your smile, your deep green eyes, even your ears. I watch your face shift into the last time I saw you.

Your eyebrows, molded into a furrowed shape. Your eyes filled with fire your tears couldn't put out. Your lips a beautiful delicate look, turning into a sorrowful pout.

A look of loss, unforgivable betrayal. The rain fogged out your face. So I left. Left the moldy room, left my cigarette, left my whiskey.

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