When I was you

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yuliares Write the thing, panic later
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For sisters with so much in common, a small lie of omission can leave lasting memories and regrets.

When I was you


We did everything together

Read the same books

Shared the same friends

Even our parents mixed us up sometimes

But when teenage anxiety struck me shy

Living in your shadow was so easy

Living in your shadow was so easy and safe

Why shouldn't your shoes be my shoes?

Our feet are the same size

You didn't mean to outpace me I took the step back

I took your face as my face

When people called me the wrong name

When people called me the wrong name I didn't correct them

Being my own person was scary

Growing into myself was painful

It took so much time and effort

A self-grown garden planted quite late

You'll always be a part of me

Just as I'm a part of you

I'm my own person now

I'm happy with who I've become

But I'll always hate those memories of me...

Forever attributed (falsely) to you

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