Cups are Never Lonely

Cups are Never Lonely pov of a cup stories

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Wrap your cold hands around a nice, warm cup of tea in this sweet story of new love.

Cups are Never Lonely

By Yuliares

She looks for me when the leaves turn

Shoved to the back of the cupboard

Behind the bowls and plates

One mug, two hands

She had come home for Christmas

A freshman on winter break

She took me back to the dorm

Where she could wrap her fingers around me

And be a little less homesick

But as the ice began to thaw

She reached for me less and less

I don't mind

I am ceramic and never lonely

Years come and go

Summers are dusty and dark

But when the season fades

And the nights grow long

We drink mugs of hot cocoa

and sip fresh coffee

She pulls me from the darkness

But instead of cocoa...

We drink tea now?

There is a new set of hands

Who is this?

These lips are dry and chapped

They forget to toss the tea bag

This better not stain

There is no more coffee

I learn a lot about tea leaves

They whisper softly as they unfurl

At first it was annoying

Now I find it soothing

Sometimes his lips

have her lipstick on them

I am not lonely

And neither is she.

The weather is getting warmer

The days grow incrimentally longer

Soon I will retreat to the back of the cupboard

Until the snow returns

As it always does

And cold hands look for something warm

I will be here, waiting to see...

Will we still drink tea?

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