Predestined Souls
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yukikotsukishir Community member
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An unexpected event in the city of Domino causes several changes in the timeline, affecting the future. An unexpected and equally unlikely encounter occurs. An irrefutable proposal is offered to a young woman. A young man named Yuugi has a secret wish and does it to Sennen Pazuru (Millennium Puzzle), where a sealed soul resides who sacrificed his life, memories and name to save the world. Atemu finds in Yuugi the light he needed so much and will do anything to protect it. Two predestined souls meet. Will they be able to save the world? What about the past? Will he be saved? Old enemies and new enemies emerge. Will Yuugi, Atemu and their friends be able to stop all threats? Can the world be saved in the past and in the future?

Predestined Souls

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