You turn to look,
You turn to look, stalking stories
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yuki_owling Community member
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Invisible. A poem from a stalkers view

You turn to look,

Take a moment to stare,

You feel like someone’s watching,

But no-one’s there.

The wind’s whispers

Tell you to look behind,

You see nothing,

And let it slip from your mind.

Footsteps echo yours

Down an almost empty street,

Just a moment following,

Adding an extra beat.

Finally found comfort,

Home you think is sound,

But it’s a huge deceit,

Because now your house I’ve found.

Never missing a minute

I know you better than you,

But you don’t know I’m here,

So there’s nothing you can do.

I wait for my moment

To make my timing right,

Little are you aware

I’m counting down your nights.

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